who we are

OzCoWilliams was founded by Steve Williams and Austin Kelly more than 10 years ago. We both have strong backgrounds, and reputations, in sport, media and advertising. Based on this experience we started the company to enable Queensland advertisers to access cinema screens, at the dawn of the digital era, with digital advertising. At the time, movies and advertising were still projected on film or slides. Our decision to use digital projection for advertising was in recognition of the on-coming event of digitised cinemas, which has now arrived.

Despite doubts from many quarters, the company has grown from having access to one Queensland cinema in 2004 to over 40 at the moment, on a non-exclusive basis. Our clients’ advertising also appears at cinemas in the other states as well.

OzCoWilliams has provided Queensland advertisers, both big and small, with the opportunity to place their advertising on-screen in a quicker (many within days), simpler and in a more cost effective manner.

A large number of our original clients are still with us and continue to advertise on an on-going or seasonal basis. We are grateful to them and we like to think we have both benefited from their loyalty. We are also proud of the fact we have grown to be the largest, Queensland owned, cinema advertising company.

Why Use OzCoWilliams Cinema Advertising

When you advertise with OzCoWilliams you deal with the owners of the company ensuring what we promise we deliver, because our company’s business success depends on it. In addition to this personal service we provide our clients opportunities, flexibility and options that tie in easily with their marketing and advertising objectives.

Our relationships with cinemas, both chains and independents, extends from the projectionist all the way through to top management, with the benefit of not for sale opportunities sometimes being available to our client advertisers. The OzCoWilliams model of cinema advertising provides the advertiser with the benefit of reaching the total cinema audience, not just a proportion of it, on any given day. We will position your advertising before all movies, every session, every-day during the period you wish to advertise. This allows you, the advertiser, to reach your primary, secondary and influencer target audiences simultaneously at each cinema location. Brands, products and services, are often linked to emotion. Advertising at the cinema places them in an emotionally charged environment, which OzCoWilliams can help you maximise.