Great movies continue to bring in huge captive audiences. Since 2003, we’ve helped 100’s of local businesses and leading brands generate more revenue by sharing the big screen with some of the biggest blockbusters in the world.

Here is just a small selection of businesses we’ve had up on screen.


What our clients say

“As a major tourism business owner and a marketer I am heavily invested in data analysis. We track our return on investment for each marketing activity we launch and if it doesn’t perform after proper trial and testing, we discontinue it. We’ve been cinema advertising with OzCoWilliams for over 10 Years and it has been incredibly effective. Now more than ever I am using it in conjunction with my targeted digital campaigns for even more impact and driving direct sales.”

“We have been at the heart of the Gold Coast Automotive trade and servicing local customers for 2 generations. We decided about 8 years ago to try cinema advertising through OzCoWilliams. It seemed like the best way to captivate our local audience and bring our brand to life. We haven’t been off the screen since.”

“We’ve worked incredibly hard to become ingrained in the community we serve. We created a cinema ready video we are really proud of to encapsulate all of this. Cinema gives us a fantastic and unique platform to engage a captive local audience that is right on our doorstep. Most importantly with the impact of the big screen, we’ve had a great reaction.”

“At Pillow Talk, we carefully consider media which offers us the opportunity to not only reach our customers, but also provides an enhanced brand experience. We have been advertising on cinema since 2007 through a long standing relationship with OzCoWilliams, who partner with us to reach large and captive audiences focused on the suitable geography and demography for our business.”

“Cinema Advertising has meant we’ve elevated our brand to the type of targeted local audiences that invest in our care. Importantly, because we’ve taken a long term view, we are consistently achieving direct responses from our target area. I’d recommend going direct to screen with OzCoWilliams.”

” Toowoomba Grammar School invested in video to tell the story of our long tradition of creating great foundational experiences from generation to generation. Experiences that our young men carry in their memories forever. Cinema has been a perfect platform to bring that story to life and to make an emotional connection with potential future students and their families. In a year where enrolments are up, cinema advertising through OzCoWilliams has been a very valuable part of our marketing mix.”