The Pause Button Pressed On Cinema

Some of the biggest movie characters have had their box office releases postponed and yet are doing their bit … by staying at home. Maverick is in the kitchen making Top Cross Buns, Bond is hanging out on the couch… it’s a good Time to Lie, Mulan’s facebook live martial arts classes have taken off, Wonder Woman has started 4 on-line businesses and invested in Zoom early days so is all sorted and Vin Diesel is learning to slow down and chill rather than be Fast and Furious.

Most importantly, they are not on the big screen as cinemas nation wide play their part in assisting social distancing measures with temporary closures.

We are all incredibly grateful to be in the hands of the real life, frontline super heroes who are busy saving the world right now!

We at OzCoWilliams Cinema Advertising, like many Queensland businesses, are sharing the pain of our fellow SME’s, many of which are customers in many amazing industries. As specialists in cinema advertising for 17 years we were incredibly excited to put our clients in front of great audiences in 2020 with a full schedule of blockbusters on the cards. For now, this is on hold.

In saying that, 2020 ain’t over yet and we are positively looking ahead to the future and bracing for showbiz’s biggest backlog of booming blockbusters blasting onto the brilliant big screen. (A little Tongue Twister to break up your day working from home)

We’d like to wish you and your family members the best in in health and navigating through the many obstacles personally and in business that Covid-19 has thrown at us.

We want to thank our customers for their support over many years and we look forward to helping you plan for when Aussies head back to the movies, the most popular form of out of home entertainment in 2019 (according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics).

After months of consuming negative news and being huddled around a small screen for so long, we will all be bursting at the seams for a couple of hours of true escapism!

Take care and please get in touch if we can help in any way at all,

The OzCoWilliams Family