Where Did All The Aussies Go?

If you are an Aussie, and you went looking for entertainment in the last year outside your front door, there is a very high chance you went to the cinema.

According to a 2019 update from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Cinema continues to be the most popular form of out of home entertainment over and above any other cultural venue or event.

When it comes to cinema, the prophets of doom have been quick to foretell the demise of its audience and predicting an increasing preference for streaming services. With the raging battle of the streaming subscription services there is absolutely no doubt they are seeing incredible growth, adoption and mass content consumption. But they are eating more of each other’s popcorn, not cinema’s.

Cinema is holding fast. In fact, 2019 was the 3rd largest year in Box Office History generating $1.2 Billion in sales. How can that be?

If Content is King then Experience is the King of Kings.

Great content will always be the primary driver for sustaining and growing cinema audiences. There has been some phenomenal titles in the last 12 months that have been responsible for driving that audience. But despite this, over and above any form of small screen, that is TV or device, cinema still reigns all powerful in how we experience that content.

Australia wide, cinemas are continuing to invest heavily in the experience economy. From the comfort of flatbeds and reclining chairs in otherwise economy screens within a complex, 4 Dimensional experience to engage your other senses of touch and smell, to enhancing the appeal of food and beverage experience. Even a great home cinema can’t compete with the sight, sound and social experience of laughing, gasping and crying with 100’s of others all aboard together on a roller coaster of emotion.

Why is all this good news for businesses large and small who want to engage their target audience?

Delivered Audience

Blockbuster appeal continues to drive audience numbers and this is showing no signs of slowing down. With incredible titles across genres consistently coming to screen, from the proven Disney animation formulas, big budget action, chick flicks, laugh out loud comedies, blood curdling horror and period dramas, if you are on all screens at all times you are going to be hitting your target audience.

Great to have the audience numbers in the door but are they receptive and engaged with commercials?

Cinema Advertising has proven to have the most receptivity of any other advertising medium. As it forms part of the cinema experience and is an expected part in the anticipation of the film, people are more open to this form of advertising.

An Ad Reaction study in 2016 showed 47% of audiences are positive towards cinema advertising (the highest of all mediums) which is more than 2x that of mobile devices at 22% (the lowest of all mediums).

Cinema is the original screen storytelling medium that has withstood the test of time. As a video marketing platform it is the ultimate. Engagement improves retention and cinema has proved to increase retention with less ad frequency.

Video completion rates have been a challenge particularly in a digital world. Cinema provides a safe haven from ad blocking, skipping, changing channels so naturally the video completion rates are off the charts compared to other mediums. There is little option within a cinema environment but to consume your advert. So it is your opportunity to make it as engaging and memorable as possible.

To The Future

If Hollywood and other great global movie producers continue to build “it” (great movies) then they will come. As cinemas continue to wrap up that demand with an enhanced experience that increases the separation with streaming services, cinema will continue to remain as Australia’s most popular form of out of home entertainment.